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Gramática Escolar A1-A2

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Gramática Escolar B1

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Gramática en diálogo - Nueva edición A1-A2

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Gramática en diálogo - Nueva edición A2-B1

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Gramática explicada

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Must-have grammar guides for Spanish aficionados!


To be, or... to be, that is the inevitable question: What is the difference between ser and estar, and when should each verb be used?  Why is it sometimes necessary to use por instead of para?  Surely mucho and muy are interchangeable?  (After all, don’t they essentially mean the same thing?)  And when is it advisable to use the preterite tense rather than the imperfect when describing a past event?

If you are pondering over the same queries, fear not - we have the perfect solution!  Whether it’s mastering tricky tenses, complex conjugations or problematic prepositions, or even unshrouding the mystery of the subjunctive, our specially-selected range of materials will enable you to get to grips with all aspects of Spanish grammar.

* Furthermore, for a limited time only, each of these flexible guides (suitable for use inside and outside the classroom) can be purchased at a special discounted price! *

Gramática Escolar

Suitable for learners of Spanish aged 11-15, these practical manuals cover levels A1-A2 and B1 of the CEFR.  Depending on learners' individual needs, these grammars serve as a handy revision aid (for students possessing a sound grasp of the basics) or as a go-to guide for less confident pupils wishing to enrich their knowledge.

Why choose Gramática Escolar?

50 different grammar points covered – introduced by dialogues to add context, and supported by explanations and exercises.

Over 250 activities – to reinforce the grammatical content and structures featured.

Mini tests (after every 5 units) - designed to test pupils’ comprehension of the themes.

Gramática en diálogo - Nueva edición

Created for older adolescents and adults, this 2-level course (covering CEFR levels A1-A2 and A2-B1) is aimed at beginner, near-beginner and intermediate-level learners of Spanish.  Comprising brief contextualised dialogues and varied exercises, grammar is presented in a clear and visual manner throughout to ensure a thorough understanding.

Why choose Gramática en diálogo - Nueva edición?

30 different aspects of grammar covered - introduced by dialogues to provide clarity from the offset.

Real-life dialogues - to facilitate meaningful learning of Spanish.

Concise explanations throughout - supplemented by practical examples of the language in use.

A wealth of activities - allowing learners to put into practice what they have learned.

Gramática explicada

This well-structured guide will help intermediate learners develop their expertise in Spanish grammar within a single volume.  The book consists of 50 units in total.  An answer booklet plus a complete list of regular and irregular verbs are also included.

Why choose Gramática explicada?

A complete grammar reference - covering essential aspects of grammar at CEFR levels A1-B2, and featuring over 275 exercises.

Detailed explanations - complemented by amusing, colourful illustrations to make learning fun.

¡Fíjate! sections in each unit - to alert attention to important points and to help learners avoid making common mistakes.







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¡Así son!

An entertaining audiovisual course for adolescent and adult learners of Spanish.

Comprising a course book and an accompanying DVD (featuring subtitles in Spanish, English and French), ¡Así son! presents a series of comedy situations involving characters of different nationalities, thus facilitating contextualised learning of the language.

CEFR levels A2-B1

Juegos y actividades en la clase de ELE

A teaching resource containing more than 50 fun games and activities, which is designed to make Spanish classes more lively.

Covering CEFR levels A1-C2, this book can be used to teach Spanish to learners at all levels.

 Cultura en el mundo hispanohablante - Nueva edición

A culture and civilisation course aimed at near-beginner/intermediate-level students of Spanish.

Covering CEFR levels A2-B1, this book is suitable for adolescents and adults who are keen to find out more about the most important cultural and sociocultural aspects of Spanish-speaking countries.

The updated 2018 edition features new photos, fresh content and updated information on the history, geography and cultural events of each country.


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